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Kristina Pakhomova: Fit, Fine & Fashionable


StyleTribute is happy to introduce Kristina Pakhomova, as one of the most beautiful Fit For Fashion participants. For the month of February, Kristina will represent the Face of StyleTribute with her natural beauty and strong Nordic elegance! Here is what StyleTribute discovered while talking with the Fit and Fabulous Diva…

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Kristina, tell us a little more about yourself. Where are you from? How old are you? What is your background?

I’m Kristina Pakhomova , a Russian actress, a voice-over and model in Singapore. After studying acting in a Russian Academy of Art for two years, I decided to move to Singapore to  continue my studies internationally at Lasalle College of the Arts. After graduation, I started to work as an actress and acted for theatre, films and TV. I am very passionate about acting and art overall, and feel very lucky to do what I love. After participating as a contestant in a reality show, Fit For Fashion, and becoming one of the three finalists,  I started developing my interest in fitness and fashion.

What exactly is Fit for Fashion? 

Fit for Fashion is a reality TV show on STAR World hosted by Louise Roe, with fashion photographer Todd Anthony Tyler. Everyday our fitness trainers Christine Bullock and Mitch Chilson were working and training us, showing how far we can go in our lives. We, ordinary people, were facing exhausting physical and fashion challenges, and learned new skills while training and transforming our bodies. This show is about transformation from the inside out.

What are its biggest challenges?

One of the hardest physical challenges was a waterfall challenge where we had to climb up a raging waterfall wall, and then repel down. After which we, battered and bruised by the ferocious rocks, had to bring out the inner animal warriors in ourselves to pose while being soaked in the rain, in the forest for our celebrity photographer. To be honest, all the challenges were tough. Some physically, and some mentally. For example, there was this challenge where each of us had to hang off the breach for as long as we could. And I was so afraid of heights. It was very hard for me to overcome the fear but I did it, and it was a part of my transformation. Fasion challenges helped me to discover my soft and vulnerable self and show the whole range of emotions in front of the camera. Now it’s helping me in my modeling career. Each challenge changed me gradually to who I am now- a better version of myself. And this growth must continue.

You are absolutely so and have an amazing body. What is your secret to staying so fit & fabulous?

Thank you so much for your kind words. Regularity is crucial. I exercise every day for an hour or more. I love weight lifting exercises, cycling, running, circuit training, running and yoga. Also I support my body with nutrition and healthy eating which makes my skin glow and much clearer.

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What is your favourite dish? drink?

I have a sweet tooth. I absolutely love chocolate cakes, actually any cakes but the next day after eating it, I’ll work double hard at the gym! 🙂 My favourite drink would probably be a fresh beetroot/ginger juice. It’s very refreshing and healthy for you!

What health & beauty tips would you recommend to all women?

It might sound like a cliche, but lots of sleep and drinking water can make wonders. And of course love. Love yourself, and people around you.

Your everyday quote: 

Live it like there is no tomorrow!

How would you define your Style? 

I would say my style varies. Sometimes it’s a classic. For special occasions I love wearing cocktail dresses that hug my figure since I am working really hard to keep it in good shape. 🙂 Sometimes I feel like boho- chic style. Geometric, eye-catching prints are my favourite! But doesn’t matter what, day or night, I am always faithful to a colourful and feminine look.


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What are the most loved pieces in your closet? Why?

I’m very proud to have a Herve Ledger black bandage dress. I like to think about it as my investment. Its an expensive piece but totally worth it. The quality is exceptional and the way it hugs my body and creates those curves, is amazing! I keep it for special occasions of course.

If your house caught fire, what three things would you save?

My passport, my phone and contact lenses, because I can’t see anything without them!

What is your fashion motto?

If you’re afraid of overdressing, remember: it’s always better to look better than everyone, than like or worse than everyone.

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Who is your style icon?

You know, honestly, I don’t have any fashion icon but if I’m looking for fashion inspiration. I use Pinterest a lot. There are millions of ideas for everything.

Tell us something funny that no one knows about you:  

I used to be very chubby when I was a kid.

One word that best describes you best: 


What do you like best about yourself? 

I am faithful to those I love and to what I am passionate about.

One thing you dislike the most about yourself: 

I could be more patient.

The song you have on repeat mode:  

Mr. Probz – Waves







Where do you go/what do you do when you need ‘Me-Time’? 

I’m all about balance and internal peace in life, so I dedicate my free time to find harmony between my body and mind. Yoga and spa helps me a lot.

 If you absolutely had to choose, would you rather wear: Mum jeans, Crocs, or a bandana? 

Definitely bandana. I think it actually looks cool. 




Stylist : Camilla Testori

Assistant Stylist : Drishleen Sethi

Photographer : Jonathan Liu

Make Up : Amrita Sareen

Hair : Drishleen Sethi

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