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The Indian Beauty: Trishna Goklani

This month we are happy to announce Trishna Goklani, the absolute striking Indian Beauty, as the the face of StyleTribute.

With her very own unique allure that mixes the sensual tension and rawness with edgy elegance, Trishna sees the world of fashion with a different perspective. Here she shares with us her thoughts and personal take on style and recent trends.



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ST: Trishna, interesting name, where are you from? (your origins)

T: I’m fully indian but I’m from Singapore 🙂

ST: What do you do in life? 

T: I’m currently in my third year of apparel design, working on a collection for a final year project.

ST: What brought you to blogging & instagramming?

T: I’m obsessed with taking photos so Instagram was the first place I went to to share my pictures. Initially, they were all candid captures with funny captions (haha) but as i grew older, i started using Instagram as a platform to document my life. Right now, if I scrolled through my Instagram, I can tell exactly what I was going through at a certain period of my life just by looking through my pictures.


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ST: You define yourself as a reporter of style, food, love and life – What is your favourite style?

T: I’m a pretty casual (or lazy) person, so my style is definitely pretty laid-back. Although, I have my dressed-up glam moments, I usually just prefer being in a tee & shorts! :p

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ST: Your favourite dish?

T: I LOVE CHICKEN RICE! It’s one of my favourite local dishes here and I’d pick it over anything, anytime!

ST: Who is the man of your dreams?

T: The man of my dreams…..tough one, there are many. BUT, if I had to choose one, I’d choose Justin Timberlake hehe

ST: If you could have dinner with a celebrity (dead or alive) which person would you pick?

T: I’d have dinner with Beyonce, no questions asked.

ST: What makes you wake up in the morning and feel alive?

T: I tell myself that every day is a new day with new possibilities.


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 ST: Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?

T: I’d like to see myself travelling around the world!

ST: If you had 3 wishes from the Ginni of Aladdin, what would they be?

T: I’d wish for a trip to Greece, a house just for my mom and happiness, of course!

ST: What is your most loved piece in your closet, and why?

T: The most loved piece in my closet is a pair of worn out denim shorts I scored at a flea years ago. Its one of the only pairs of shorts I own that has a perfect fit and length.


ST: What do you think one needs in order to be considered stylish or be seen as a style icon?

T: I think the most important thing is to always be yourself. Dress the way you’d dress and act the way you’d act. People will love you for who you are.

ST: Did your style evolve over the years/are you feeling an evolution in the way you used to dress till now?

T: Yes definitely! I believe everyone’s style evolves over the years as they grow. I have definitely grown out of my CMYK COLOUR phase heh heh


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ST: Your current favourite trend is…

T: SLIDES! Gotta have a pair of slides for a lazy day.

ST: Who is your favourite designer?

T: Alexander Wang!


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ST: Favourite Fashion Week:

T: London fashion week, definitely!

ST: Tell us something funny that no one knows about you: 

T: HAHAHAHA I’m pretty embarassing when I’m drunk! :p

ST: One word that best describes you: 

T: Unpredictable.

ST: Favourite book at the moment: 

T: I’m reading Sylvia Plath’s Ariel.

ST: Favourite song of the moment:  

T: Banks – Goddess.




Photo-shoot Credits:

Head Stylist : Camilla Testori

Photographer : Jonathan Liu

Assistant Stylist : Drishleen Sethi

Make-Up Artist : Hana


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