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The Modern Geisha: Jessica Tam

StyleTribute had the chance to meet up with and spend a splendid afternoon with a coy, but one of the most beautiful fashion bloggers from Singapore. Discover what is behind the dainty princess and her unique charm!

ST: Jessica your blog is called “tippytapp”, where does that name come from?

I wish I had an interesting story on how I came up with that name but truth is, I was just thinking of a username for myself and this just popped into my head, like literally. There’s no meaning behind it. It was available on every platform I wanted to sign up for, and most importantly it sounds cute and everyone can pronounce it. So, the name stuck!

ST: What do you do in life? 

I am currently a full-time social media influencer, working-in-progress for something exciting!

ST: You told us about your past as an airline hostess can you tell us more about it? How this experience affected your life?

I was flying with Singapore Airlines and it felt like 5.5 years of travel and fun. This experience allowed me to explore places I wouldn’t have gone on my own, and has taught me how to be independent, street-savvy and inquisitive.

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ST: What brought you to blogging/ Instagramming?

It was by chance that blogging and Instagramming has become such a big part of my life. I just always enjoyed sharing my life adventures through the pictures I took in various cities (when I was flying), and the attention that came with it was a bonus!

ST: What is your favourite fashion trend?

Feminine lace floral

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ST: Your favourite restaurant in Singapore?

Currently, Cha Cha Cha at Holland Village.

ST: Your favourite Photographer?

My husband? (hahaha)

ST: What do you think about the fashion scene here in Singapore?

There are definitely more stylish individuals in Singapore now who make an effort to dress up, and actually do a great job with mix and match. I really admire anyone who makes an effort to look good because it’s not all about being dressed in expensive brands from head-to-toe. It’s all about style and well, personal character.

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ST: If you had 3 wishes from the Ginni of Aladdin, what would they be?

A chance to live overseas, a daughter to share my handbags with and good health!

ST: What is your most extravagant purchase?

Probably my Celine Box Bag which is my favourite bag at the moment!

ST: One word that best describes you: 


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ST: Something to say to your fans: 

Always look your best when you head out because you never know who you’re going to meet.

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