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For the 2017 edition of our #Unlocking operation, we have decided to open up one of the most powerful, boss woman style, wardrobes we know. 

And that could only mean teaming up with Elizabeth Lee Yong, founder of the jewellery brand Bowerhaus and concept store The Playground Borneo which she cofounded with her sister.

Step inside her ambitious mind & bold fashion sense of style.

ST – So, who is Elizabeth Lee ?

A graphic designer who loves to explore the world, over eat an excess of junk food and lover of beautiful jewellery:

ST – Could you tell us a bit about Bowerhaus?

A jewellery company, inspired by our mothers pearls and fathers coin collection, all hand knotted together with gemstones sourced from all over the world. Old world charm, playful wit and understated confidence is all the hallmarks of Bowerhaus.

ST – What are the exciting expansion plans?

A flagship store in east Malaysia and so many endless possibilities.

ST – Given you are living it every day, what is entrepreneurship for you?

I love each day for all the different challenges that come up, I find it intriguing. Sometimes you have to get creative in solving all the problems.



ST – We heard you host Malaysia’s best parties 😉 What are 3 faux pas to avoid when hosting a party?

Always have enough food and more for your guests to take home.

Music should never be too loud but must be playing

Table gifts are a must for every guest.

ST – Who are your dream dinner party guests?

Fun, spontaneous and intriguing personalities!


” My style is loud and over the top”


ST – Which places would you advise us to eat in KL and SG?

Street food and anything from the BIG group in KL.

As for Singapore, I love dessert so definitely Janice Wong or date night to Aoiki.

ST – What would your chosen superpower be?

My father is a cardiologist so if I could pick a superpower it would be to heal!

ST –  You definitely have your own unique style, how would you describe it?

Loud and over the top!

ST – What are the most beautiful pieces you own and that you would want to pass down to your daughters?

My great great grand mother ruby ring which I wear everyday.

ST – Any trend we would never catch you in?

Mesh disco…

ST – Any BIG exciting projects you are currently working on?

There are so many new collaborations and expansions! But you will have to wait and see on @bowerhaus 😉

ST – Motherhood for you is…

Happiness and productivity personified. Every decision is made so much faster in order to get home to our little one that much faster.

ST – Have you spotted any Style Tribute items that are going into your wish list?

I am loving the vintage clutches and Hermes bangles!



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