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#UNLOCKINGHERWARDROBE Adele Chan, The New Edge of Cool

What does power dressing mean to you as an Editor-in-Chief of an international title such as Nylon?
Being confident in your outfit, and also dressing appropriately for the occasion. And it doesn’t have to be a formal look. In fact, most days I’m in jeans and cardigans, but importantly, I’m comfortable and don’t look sloppy. And that’s probably because my entire outfit is either all black or grey, and I wear heels.

Most valuable lesson learnt across your career till present day as Editor-in-Chief of Nylon?
The most important resource in a company is the people. It starts with the boss — if you don’t have a good leader to follow and learn from, and that person doesn’t have vision, then you’ve hit a dead end and it’s time to move on. Next come the staff — the people you work with have to share your vision or they will also hold you back.

Personal attributes aspiring fashion entrepreneurs must have to survive in the fashion industry be it publishing or retail/brand management?
An actual interest and passion in fashion, be driven and hard working, be business minded, and have thick skin. You cannot be petty or have an ego — that will be your downfall.

Describe to us your first encounter with fashion?
77th Street at Far East Plaza in the 90s. Jack Daniels t-shirts, Mambo jeans and Dr. Martens boots were really popular back then; and you would accessorise with dog tag pendant necklaces and ID bracelets. Fashion really does start from the streets!

What is your favourite of-the-moment trend on and off the runway?
I love the sock boots that every brand is pushing out; they are amazingly comfortable. But I’m not a fan of the luxury branded versions (like those from Fendi and Balenciaga, for example). I like the original ones from the sports brands that have both form and function, such as the adidas UltraBOOST Primeknit and Nike Flyknit. You can actually run with these.

What are your top five style commandments?
1. It must fit.
2. It must flatter.
3. It must be comfortable.
4. It must make you feel good about yourself.
5. It must be something you’ll actually wear.

Your biggest fashion faux pas and worst style moment/outfit of the past?
Jack Daniels tee paired with Mambo jeans.

Who’s closet would you unlock and raid?
Believe it or not, right now — Celine Dion. For a time earlier this year, she was the reigning queen of normcore and has been seen quite often in Vetements and Margiela.

Must-have items on StyleTribute?
These 5 items from my wardrobe! The Saint Laurent ripped jeans, in particular, are super cool and are a style that will last forever. I had to let them go because I grew (wider).

What does vintage fashion mean to you?
Classic designs that never go out of style. Also, original pieces that are rare and valuable, and appreciate in value over time.

An inspirational life motto to live by?
Ask and it will be given to you; search, and you will find; knock and the door will be opened for you. –Jesus

Sustainable Fashion is…
Fashion that can be sustained over time… in the recycling of clothes or materials, or in the use of materials that do not harm the earth, but instead add benefit to nature and people.

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