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#UnlockingHerWardrobe: Dr. Jade Kua

Dr. Jade Kua is your modern day heroine, an admirable Pediatric Emergency specialist by profession who wears the hat of an adorning mother with a penchant for prints and ladylike propriety. Unlock the wardrobe of Dr. Jade Kua on StyleTribute’s #UnlockingHerWardrobe series and discover a coveted closet of prints and patterns in classic silhouettes. Get stylishly up close and personal with Singapore’s society’s sweetheart.

What is your favorite inspirational life quote?

It’s part of an oath I took as a doctor when I graduated: “Cure sometimes, relieve often, comfort always.” I feel this applies to life as much as medicine. I may not always be able to find a solution but I can certainly comfort my family, colleagues or friends. Kindness is so important.

Your biggest super power? 

Does juggling count as a super power? Managing my family, patients, charities and friends’ wellbeing, is a daily challenge I’m happy to accept.

The one you would like to acquire..

Having a sense of self: Being able to do all the above without losing focus on my own personal wellbeing.

Your flaw which you constantly poke fun at?

Even though I do a lot of policy writing and project management, I’m obsessed with small details like grammar. I insist on micromanaging all the copy that goes out from my team.

Where you are the most proud of making a difference in?

Leading a program where I educate laypeople to save lives with simplified chest compressions and an automated external defibrillator.

What is the quirkest and strangest thing you ever wore?

A rabbit fur stole over a red macrame bra and denim jeans. Now, ten years on, I would rather wear a dress.

Your biggest fashion faux pas and flop?

When I was a teenager, I permed my fringe. It was not a good look.

Your favorite StyleTribute pieces?

I loved modeling the various StyleTribute handbags in my photoshoot because I’m a creature of habit when it comes to bags so I hardly vary from my own Hermes & Tod’s bags which I’ve had for ages. I really should explore more and StyleTribute makes that option accessible.

What is vintage for you? How do you think it will evolve in the next 10 years?

Vintage suggests a certain romance associated with a style from the past. The Roaring Twenties used to come to mind, but now even fabulous glam rock pieces from the seventies make the cut. I guess I’m just getting older!

What is the story behind your favorite fashion pieces?

Some pieces like my black Giorgio Armani jacket which I wore to several majo professional exams and my silver Donna Karan gown which I wore to receive a leaders’ award from the Singapore Tatler for a program I worked hard at, hold sentimental value for me.

Sustainable fashion is…

The best way forward for sensible but fashion-forward people who care about the eco-system.

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