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#UnlockingHerWardrobe: Jacky Hussein

Introducing, Jacky Hussein.

Your friend, your neighbor, or the person behind you at the grocery store.

Jacky is one of those persons who are so approachable that you could almost forget how far she has come. Her passion for writing led her to edit some of Asia’s biggest Fashion magazines and has now driven her to copywriting for an international agency.

Sit down with us as we unravel her fashion background, styling tips and career paths in 5 short minutes.


ST – You were 5 years the Glam Lifesytle Editor and during 3 years the Deputy Editor of Cosmopolitan, is it all glitz and sparkles or rather like the caricature of “The Devil wears Prada”?

I must say, the 8 years experience (starting as a writer, senior writer, Lifestyle Editor and Deputy Editor) in the media/publishing industry was a highlight in my career. I had always been interested in lifestyle, style and beauty. And being a part of this 2 leading women’s magazines in Malaysia, would definitely  add more shades. The glitz and glamor are everywhere, as well as the challenges. Like the wise man said, nothing comes easy.

ST – Any hot celebrity shot or interviewed during your years at Blu Inc?

I was blessed to meet and interview such a lot of charisma and allure personalities in my career. From the Bollywood hot shots like Aishwarya Rai, Hrithik Roshan to fashion mogul like Grace Coddington, as well as Asian big shot like the CEO of Air Asia, Aireen Omar, god…my list could go on and on. Haha!

ST – Why Leo Burnett? Were you tired of the fashion industry? Did your previous experience help you in your current job at Leo Burnett?

Not many know that I took a major in Advertising. And before I was known in the media, I was an intern in McCann Erickson and a junior copywriter in Naga DDB and Ogilvy & Mather before I moved to Blu Inc Media. I see this move as one step ahead from what I have before. I have always loved writing and that’s my number 1 passion before fashion. I want to learn and experience more than what I have on my own chrysalis at that time. Hence, when I got the golden opportunity, I accepted it with arms wide open.

ST – Tell us a little bit about your personal style.

Honestly, I love basic stuff! I’m a jeans and white-Ts kinda girl. My personality is bit tomboyish since I was a little girl. That’s why you can see I’m more androgyny when it comes to style. People have known me as a lady who can rock a pair of suit or tuxedo! So jacket and jeans during the day and suits at night.

“For me, save up for the pieces that you know you’ll have for life.”

ST – What is the best style advice you’ve ever received?

The Parisians rule! Say no to most trends, develop a signature look, and stick with it. It’s okay to update your wardrobe with a few trends, but always stick to similar aesthetics.

ST – Spotted any Style Tribute items that are going into your wish list?

Gosh…There are so many! I’m dying to have Celine Black Mules, Charlotte Olympia Dial Pandora Perspex Clutch, and Dsquared2 Biker Jacket.

ST – What are your two cents on sustainable fashion?

To always have a good pair of shoes.

ST – Tell us about your favorite wardrobe pieces.

I’m a sucker for local designer’s pieces nowadays. I must say, there are significant changes in term of quality, great materials and tailoring that these local designer’s pieces are offering. Among my favorite is this Batu Belang Dress and Mika Long Coat by Afiq M. I always adore how Afiq playing with minimalism yet alluring when you wear it.

ST – What’s your philosophy on maintaining the perfect wardrobe?

As I grow wiser, I don’t tend to buy into trends but more to investment. For me, save up for the pieces that you know you’ll have for life. Just remember this, a big-ticket purchase that you love can actually turn out to be valuable, compared to an endless string of disposable purchases.

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