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#UNLOCKINGHERWARDROBE Jerilyn Moon, Haute Hollywood Heiress

#UNLOCKINGHERWARDROBE presents Jerilyn Moon, queen of the silver screen and woman of many accolades that go above and beyond the Avenue of the Stars. Discover the multi-faceted wardrobe of Jerilyn Moon and take home covetable fashion-forward looks today from the likes of D&G, Givenchy, Acne Studios as she creates her own avenue of the stars as a Fashion & Design academic and mother of one at the age of 22. Her electrifying presence and unique beauty is arresting, as she buoyantly spreads her joie de vivre on location with the StyleTribute team. 

As a go-getter business woman and mother, what are the ingredients in your vantage perspective makes a happy life?

I truly believe that life is meant to be enjoyed, not tolerated. I have found that when I have deep faith – a faith and acceptance in myself and the world around me that no matter what happens, I’m going to be okay, it allows me to live from a true place of abundance and fearlessness. And when your day-to-day decisions come from a place of love and abundance instead of a place of fear and lack? That, I believe, is when the magic truly happens.

As an actress in opposite spectrums of the world, what was the biggest challenge and most valuable takeaway you learnt in pursuit of a career in acting?

When you grow up in an industry that is full of constant rejection and comparisons, it’s easy to get caught in the whirlwind. Developing self worth that isn’t based on other people’s opinions of me has definitely been both the biggest challenge and the biggest reward. You go through a lot of self doubt, growing up in this industry. But you also really develop a warrior spirit and a good sense of self if you can work through it. I have definitely learnt to not take things so personally. And to also know that, a lot of times, how people perceive me have more to do with them, than me. I am so incredibly thankful for those early lessons.

How has your style evolved living in LA to residing in Singapore?

My LA style is a little more laid-back – designer yoga wear, a Chanel purse and fancy sneakers were totally my thing. Everyone wears fancy workout clothes out and about in LA but not so much in Singapore. When you wear workout clothes in Singapore, people actually think you’re about to go work out! I still do sometimes, but I will say I put my dresses and heels on a lot more in Singapore.

What are the signature items that make your 24-7 look? 

I am currently obsessed with cute bralets and a low neckline. Oh and a good handbag, you always need a good handbag.

What is your favorite inspirational life quote?

Oh my, I have sooo many!! This is not really a quote per say, but something I really try to live by today is remembering that there are no rules in this life. Everything is an experiment, everything is a learning experience. When I take away societal definitions of “right” and “wrong”, I allow myself to fail, get up, try again, fail some more, fall on my face, learn from it… and it is all totally okay! Life is but one big adventure.

One super power you wished to possess?

I would LOVE to be able to mind read!! Understanding people and having empathy for people from different walks of life is a huge part of my job as an actress. Being able to get into someone’s mind would be amazing.

Your favorite fashion address?

I have been obsessed with Chanel from day one. There’s just something so classic and timeless about the brand that I can’t ever get enough of. I am also very much obsessed with Marchesa. Every single piece by Marchesa makes me feel like it has a fairytale back story… I love that!

 Your favorite StyleTribute pieces?

The Preen by Thornton Bregazzi dress was my absolutely favorite! It’s so incredibly flattering, and so comfortable at the same time. The perfect day-to-night dress! I was also obsessed with the knee high boots that we paired the dress with for the shoot. Did you guys hear they got stuck on my feet?? I was this close to takin’ them home… darn.

What is your personal opinion on second-hand garments?

Growing up, the question that always came to mind when second-hand clothing was involved was, “is that hygienic?” Yet, my friends and I would borrow / exchange clothes with each other all the time! I would definitely say that in the last year or two, second hand clothing has come back into the picture in full force… we are all becoming more aware of our carbon footprint and the effects of fast fashion on the environment and I am so excited to explore a future with so many alternative shopping avenues. It’s an exciting time we live in where people are asking more questions, wanting to find out more, questioning the media and what we’re being shown.

What is vintage for you? How do you think it will evolve in the next 10 years?

Vintage, to me, is my mom’s old Chanel jewelry… or the lace from my grandmother’s wedding dress. It’s something so classic, with sentimental value to it… be it because it reminds me of a person, or of an era. It will be interesting to see what is considered vintage is 10 years time… maybe I should start storing my jewelry for my son’s future wife?!

What is the story behind your favorite vintage fashion pieces?

I have some wonderful vintage pieces from the Melrose Trading Post from when I used to live in Los Angeles… I think part of picking up a vintage piece you know nothing about is creating the story behind it in your mind, having those thoughts about it. I love to look at a piece, wonder who previously owned it, what they were like, how they came across it…

Do you practice any environmentally-friendly customs/habits in your every day life?

I love eating vegan whenever I can and wish we had more plant-based options readily available in Singapore.

Your favourite eco-friendly brand?

Definitely Reformation! I love that Reformation offsets their carbon footprint. In exchange for the emissions and water used to make their clothes, they help plant forests, invest in clean water solutions and purchase landfill gas offsets. They tell you exactly what impact each garment has on the environment.This way, you get to see the total cost of fashion, empowering you to make stronger choices.

In a world of ethical shoppers educated of the world we live in and its harmful affects, will you do anything differently to minimize your footprint?

I am currently obsessed with renting, borrowing and buying more second-hand clothing! My best friend, Ming Bridges, recently started her own company – Rentadella… for girls to rent everyday dinner party dresses that we would otherwise perhaps wear not more than 2 or 3 times. The company was born out of her love for the environment… the idea that we can care for our environment, and still look and feel beautiful every single day. I love that!! We all play such a big part.

To sum it up, in your own words, Sustainable fashion is…

The future.

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