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The one who roams the world with wild abandon is the one who turns pavements to runways. She who dares will make the world her stage. Meet Liv Lo, an emerging regional personality set to conquer the world with her vision for a fitness revolution. Unlock Liv’s wardrobe of monochromatic metallics and high-shine fabrics, after-dark dressing is done right in perfected doses.

Your career to date has been pretty unconventional, can you tell us a bit more about it?

I guess I always have followed my dreams! For 15 years I have lived and worked in Taiwan, Canada, Japan, and Singapore. Moving countries also provides opportunity for a career shift. During my career I have created and sold a company, been an actress on television and modelled on major campaigns internationally. I am now working as an emcee, producing a workout called Fit Sphere, teaching yoga and hosting workshops at Yoga Movement, while creating digital content for clients. While I currently have 4 jobs I have always had my own working hours and schedule and joke that I am my own slave driver! My career path has been unconventional because I have always pursued my curiosity and passion to create. If I look back it’s crazy that I have always had a working visa, but I have never considered that pressure because the transition is in the pursuit of freedom.

How does it feel having the public spotlight on your marriage and as the ‘power couple’ of SG?

I always feel funny when people say that because we personally don’t notice it. I am happy that Henry and I can represent a strong relationship because it is something we work at. We are both pursuing our own careers and have never held each other back. We support and trust each other and are successful and happy because of it. With Henry pursuing Hollywood now I hope that our relationship will be a continued positive influence on others.

Your multicultural background of Taiwanese and Italian descent and bilingual life from Tokyo to Singapore has allowed you to be immersed in the two worlds of the East and West Has there been a particular time where you truly realised a difference in fashion and style in the context of culture? 

The first time I visited Henry in KL from Japan was a shocker. We were newly dating and I wanted to make an impression. I brought all the latest Tokyo fashion for my visit but Henry just remarked “your style is lost here. Can you just wear a t-shirt and jeans”?

What is a top priority for Liv Lo these days amid the many hats you play, from a businesswoman to a public persona and alas, a wife?

While I juggle all my roles I am trying to figure out how to align all my careers. I am pursuing what I truly and undyingly love, FIT SPERE! It’s taken me years to admit to myself and pursue this dream of mine but I cannot hold back any longer. I have been working out on video tape since I could remember. Think Paula Abdul and Cindy Crawford. Now I am creating my own bodyweight workout combing HIIT and Yoga in a video program. It will be available for sale from December 1st on www.fit-sphere.com. I am not sure what the future holds (babies, moving countries??) so I am working on making myself ready and able for anything.

What life mantra do you live by?

You are enough

Your biggest super power?

My mind. My thoughts. My curiosity

What is vintage for you? How do you think it will evolve in the next 10 years?

Vintage is the best eco-choice on the plant. There is a big faux pas about used clothing especially in Asia. I feel there is not enough education on the waste of fast fashion. Cheap materials contain plastic and are irritable to the skin and cause micro plastic waste. The fashion industry is smart. As soon as consumers figure something out about fast fashion they reinvent their language and trick the consumer to think they have better practices. I would rather spend my hard earned money not on marketing and fashion that is going to make me feel off trend in a week but to truly ask myself if I love this piece and why, think about what can I wear it with at home, and if I could wear it in more styles than one. I love buying second hand pieces because they add value in circulation. This is why a lot of people are practicing buy less, invest more.

A fun story about one of the items you have put up on sale with us?

The silver chainmail dress is Versace by H&M and is an extremely covetable collectors item. Definitely one of a kind.

Sustainable fashion is…

Affordable, available, and sexy!


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