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Defining Elegance with Simplicity: Valerie Wang

The epitome of ‘less is more’, Valerie Wang’s clean, unadulterated sophistication is both relatable and desirable. Testament of this, is her wide following and prominence in the local blogosphere. Through social media, Valerie constantly provides glimpses of her innovative and unique creations. With the impending launch of her leather bag collection, StyleTribute was able to catch up with Valerie Wang at Wabi Sabi Living. Find out more about the multi-talented blogger, trendsetter and creator.

ST: Valerie Wang, your first name is directly derived from the French word Valérie, do you know meaning behind it?

I’m not quite sure about the French part but my mum wanted a valentine’s baby and I was supposed to be born on Valentines Day. I was early by a week though.




ST: Do you have any fashion tips when it comes to work wear?

I would usually keep it comfortable, casual smart and nothing flamboyant.

ST: How did blogging become a career for you? Is this a job that you have always dreamed of?

I would say it was pure luck that I got into this industry. I have never set out to be a blogger, neither did I thought that I would become one. Blogging is not my dream job but it is an unplanned route that I never regret taking. It opens up many opportunities and allows me to meet new people and learn new things every single day.

ST: Do you have any advice for aspiring bloggers?

I’m not sure if advises can be given. It solely depends on your direction and perhaps some luck.


ST: Rumor has it that you are currently designing a line of leather bags, care to confirm?

Yes it is true. I’m still fine tuning the brand and products but it should meet the crowd in about a month or two.

ST: Do you have a name for your collection?

I would not reveal it yet but I will when the time is right.

ST: Where do you draw inspiration from?

From everything! And of course the starting point, the love of making things.




ST: What would your ideal workplace be like, in terms of actual physical space and working environment?

It would be a sunlit studio, with full-length windows that allows abundance natural light to penetrate.

 ST: What are your hobbies?

Drawing and playing the clarinet with my orchestra (philharmonic youth winds)

 ST: Favorite hangout place in Singapore?

East Coast Park


ST: One thing you wish you would have done more in your life?

I wish I could be more aggressive in pursuing and promoting arts.

ST: Life moto? (Quote)

Better late than never!

ST: Which is your Dream City to live in?


ST: Who is your favorite designer?

Jil Sander.

ST: If you had a 1000 SGD voucher to spend on ST, what would you buy?




Art Direction, Interview & Styling: Camilla Testori

Furniture from Wabi Sabi Living 

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