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How To Be A Stylish Mum?

Just found out you’re pregnant and panicking already?

“OH MY GOD, how am I going to remain stylish the whole nine months? How am I going to deal with a huge belly, oversized boobs and blown up legs?” A typical question every mother asks herself when she hears the big news!

It’s for sure, forget your fabulous sexy body-cons dresses, ultra-tight skinny jeans and sensual high-waisted skirts, they won’t zip anymore!

You’ll make it through the 1st trimester… Cheating by closing half of the zips, unbuttoning some of your jeans, adding floating and large tops to cover your tiny belly coming out. The lucky ones might even manage to survive until the end of the fifth month. But by the sixth, you are done! The big day has come to bring on the maternity looks! But before you rush and shop till you drop, here are some helpful maternity style tips!

1) Go for empire waists

As you probably know, one of the most flattering cut on all pregnant women is the empire waist. During your pregnancy you will be blessed with a beautiful boasting chest, enjoy it and take advantage of this unique occasion! The empire waist cut will allow you to show off your plunging cleavage and your gorgeous bump at the same time. Casual, sensual or super rock mommy style, take your tips from none other than Christina Aguilera!

TIP TIP TIP: Empire waist maxi dresses are the top of the pop! Shop look on

 Christina-Aguilera_glamour_12may14_rex_b_592x888 tumblr_n9msjceh8r1s8mcvko1_500 Christina-Aguilera-pregnant

2) Leggings for ever

Besides packing on kilos, be prepared for the joys of water retention and the pleasures of blown up legs! Comfortable clothes are your key priority!

But don’t worry you won’t have to give up the stylish “skinny jeans” look. Instead of going crazy all around maternity stores to find a skinny jeans and spend unnecessary bucks, go for simple non-maternity leggings a couple sizes bigger.

They are stretchy, super-comfy and chic!

Get the celebrity look of Petra Ecclestone (left), Victoria Beckham (centre), and Malin Akerman (right). on

Petra+Ecclestone+Petra+Ecclestone+Eats+Bernie+ZnDbSxqg_xEl (1) vb 2 Malin Akerman

3) The best BAD DAY’s look!

Pregnant Fashionistas, stay karma and be all ready aware that, unfortunately, there are going to be tough days in your 9 months pregnancy. You won’t wake up every morning fresh & beautiful with the splendid pregnancy glow and the neat bowling-ball baby bump… Some days you will just feel exhausted, irritated, uncomfortable, moody and feeling sooo heavy! So here is the solution to these bad days: Go for a total black look and grab some killer astonishing accessories! Start by wearing an easy, comfortable and basic look: a black top and leggings will do. Then just add your most stylish statement necklace, your favorite luxury handbag, a stack of bracelets or a Hermes scarf!

Bring the attention to your astonishing accessories and you will end up forgetting about your horrid wake up and start of the day!

Style tips from supermodel Olivia Wilde (left), Natalia Vodianova (centre), and Kourtney Kardashian (right). Shop look on

Olivia-Wilde_glamour_10mar14_rex_b_592x888 Natalia-Vodianova 3f635859f6dec08bc62d10b03660e864

4) Organize the colors

“Dark colors are slimming.” Sure everyone knows this, this isn’t rocket science! But this rule has never been so relevant for you than now?

Black, dark grey, blue navy, dark brown, are all tones of colors that will create a slimming optical illusion giving you a thinner appearance.

Also, wearing different colors on top than the on wearing on the bottom will create a break and divid e in 2 parts your figure. Naturally, all eyes will stop right at the line of the color change, so right where your gorgeous belly is. Thus your legs will look thinner and your belly even more feminine and sweet!

Out top celebrities rocking this look are Olivia Wilde (left), ,Kourtney Kardashian (centre) and Mila Kunis (right). Shop look on

Olivia-Wilde_glamour_12jan14_pa_b_592x888 article-2722506-20756D0100000578-195_634x985 "Third Person" - Los Angeles Premiere

5) No baggy clothes

Logically we tend to think that the best solution for big sized women is extra flowing and loose clothing. But when it comes to maternity clothes “LARGE” is not the best solution. So NO: Baggy clothes are not your new best friend!

It is all the opposite, adherent clothes when you are pregnant will make you look slimmer and help you to show off exactly what is the cause of your big size: a growing baby in your belly.

Wear knits that stretch to fit your curves and add a break out to the look with a man’s shirt or a structured blazer, and you will have the perfect mix of sexy, modern, and elegant style! Blake Lively shows just exactly how to rock this look.

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Blake-Lively how to be a stylish mum Blake-Lively_glamour_17sep14_pa_b_592x888 Blake-Lively-_glamour_21oct14_rex_b_592x888

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