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#howtostyleit: Sequins

Kim Raymond wears
Kim Raymond shows us how to play the sequin game right wearing a gorgeous Vivienne Westwood dress (shop it HERE), Dior sling backs in the same tone (shop them HERE), and paired with a classic Chanel flap bag (shop it HERE), all available at StyleTribute.com

If you think shiny, shimmery and metallic materials should only be reserved for fancy, black-tie occasions that take place at night, think again. The trend isn’t all that tacky if you know how to style it the right way – yes, even during the day! Don’t believe us? Here’s how to sprinkle the right amount of sparkle into your wardrobe (without looking like a disco ball). Party season or not, we say bling it on!


Street_Style_Sequins resized
Perfect day sequin style from the streets.

DAY: dress it down

Bedazzle with balance
Found a gorgeous glitzy tank top and a sequin shorts that looks equally stunning? It’s all good if you wear them separately, but never pair both together! Also, remember to balance between the top and bottom: pair looser tops with more-fitted bottoms and vice versa.
Play with proportions
Keep the skin-tight numbers for night-time and go for silhouettes that don’t fit too snugly for a more laid-back look. Your relaxed-fit guide: anything ranging from loose and slouchy to boxy and structured.
Create contrast through textures
Fuss-free fabrics set against sequins help tone down the jazz factor. The easiest way to do this is by teaming it with basic staples like casual denim, luxe leather, crisp cotton and cozy knits.
Add layers
To avoid looking OTT (over the top), you can always make your dazzling attire daytime-appropriate by wearing it underneath your outerwear of choice, whether it’s a streamlined blazer or an oversized shirt.
Subtle strategy
Afraid of drawing up too much attention? Start small instead, either with flat footwear (ie. sandals and ballet pumps) or garments, bags and headpieces that are trimmed with a hint of sequin.


Mira Duma taking the sequin to a whole new level
Mira Duma taking her sequin game to a whole new level.

NIGHT: dress it up

From head-to-toe
For an insta-glam get-up, you can rock a full outfit (be it cocktail dresses, tailored pantsuits or jumpsuits) rendered in glitter for that red carpet-inspired #ootn. This is also a better time for body-hugging pieces to steal the spotlight.
High-shine heels
Can’t commit to metallic clothes just yet? Add pizzazz to your outfit by dressing from your feet up: spruce up your pins (and every step you take) by slipping your toes into a sparkly pair of party-ready stilettos.
Three shades max
There’s no need to be over-ambitious with the palette. Steer clear from multi-coloured sequins that may potentially backfire. We’re capping it at a maximum of three hues to be safe!


Full on sequined top? Why not!

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