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#Howtostyleit: statement pieces


A true fashion girl would know that accessories are your best bet for taking your outfit from ordinary to outstanding in a jiffy. And if you want to make a bold impression, you can rely on striking statement pieces to get the job done. But before you get excited and start piling on aimlessly (and risk making the wrong statement), here are a few tips to keep you on the right track.

Pick a focal point
Start by choosing one accessory to be the main hero of your ensemble – whether it’s an eye-catching necklace, an elaborate pair of earrings, stacks of bangles or chunky rings – and always remember to play up one at a time, never simultaneously. In this case, less is always more!

Let them breathe
And by that we mean, keep your statement pieces (one hero and one sidekick) spaced out. Avoid having two bold accessories within close proximity, such as a necklace and earrings or bracelets and rings. Instead, pair them this way: loud earrings with bracelets; and a bib necklace with rings. While you’re at it, also ensure that they’re not equally attention-grabbing.

Keep clothes simple
Your statement piece is supposed to complete your outfit, not compete with it. Hence, coordinate carefully by pairing it up with solid tones and plain fabrics. Steer clear from busy patterns and complex designs that’ll make your outfit look all over the place and lose its focal point. A crisp white tee or shirt acts as the perfect backdrop for bright and colourful baubles while an LBD is a fail-safe option to make metallic and shiny jewellery really pop.


The right neckline
Either layer your necklace over the fabric (i.e. in higher necklines or form-fitting turtleneck styles) or keep it above the neckline against on your skin (i.e. in off-shoulder, strapless, scoop- or V-neck cuts).

Face-framing earrings
Always take a look in the mirror and ensure the length, cut, colour and shape of the earrings complement your features and face shape. For instant notice-me earrings, simply style your hair up in a chic chignon, bun or ponytail.

One arm party
Avoid overdoing both arms (unless you adorn them with a single gold cuff each); only stack one arm with multiple bangles or bracelets to your heart’s content while leaving the other bare. Tip: keep the colours consistent but feel free to throw in gold or silver metals.

STatement piece

Paint your digits
If you’re going to rock several statement rings, keep your hands looking pretty with a fresh manicure that matches your accessories. Psst… neutrals and monotones go with everything!

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