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#Howtostyleit: The little black dress (LBD)

If there is one article of clothing that every woman should absolutely have in her closet, it’d be the little black dress – hands down. It’s the ultimate wardrobe essential that can be worn for various affairs, from casual to formal, thanks to its versatility. And credit goes to Mademoiselle Coco Chanel for incepting the LBD circa 1926. Through the years, seasons and trends, the LBD has gone under several facelifts in terms of silhouette and cut, but it never fails to be the most stylish and timeless piece, no matter the century. But if you’re wondering how to keep it looking fresh for every occasion, here are a few ideas on ways to update your favourite LBD.

With a statement necklace
Seriously though, an elaborate, eye-catching bauble is all you need to breathe new life into your plain ol’ LBD – stat. Go bold with colours, embellishments and details!

Throw on a cover-up
Whatever your outerwear of choice, be it a leather moto jacket, a bright bomber, a long vest or a chic coat, they all add instant style points. Even layering with a sweater creates a new silhouette!


Dress up with sky-high heels
For night outs, always opt for stilettos. And since your outfit practically matches with any and every colour under the sun, you have the liberty of going all out with your shoe options.

Dress down with sneakers
With the athleisure trend still ongoing, teaming your LBD with a pair of comfy kicks is possibly the most stylish thing to do right now. Plus, your feet can finally have a break!

Wear tights underneath
For cooler weathers (or just to boost brownie points), stockings help add interest (while looking modest) especially if they’re patterned or printed. Sheer tights on the other hand, lend a dose of sensuality.

Over a button-down shirt
Give your LBD a preppy spin by layering it over a collared shirt. For an extra quirky charm, pick one with polka dots, stripes or cute motifs!

Tie flannel shirt around waist
If you have a checked shirt somewhere in your closet, you can easily recreate the edgy-cool ‘90s look by knotting it around your waist.

The Princess of Wales meets invited guests at the Serpentine gallery in Hyde Park June 29 - RTXFBTD
The Princess of Wales meets invited guests at the Serpentine gallery in Hyde Park June 29 – RTXFBTD

A metallic accessory
Glam your LBD up with a dollop of shine in the form of a gold, waist-cinching metal belt to highlight your figure; or grab a shimmery clutch for an equally dazzling effect.

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