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Issey Miyake: the Architect of Fashion

Technology and poetry, supple and unusual materials, relations between body and space; the juxtaposition in the use of these terms succeed with class when Issey Miyake, a Japanese designer evokes the creative combination of Art and fashion. The traits and secrets of its development remained locked in it’s workroom for the longest time. Today, we are going to reveal yo you some of the threads of this aesthetic revolution in the world of fashion.


Miyake’s first objective was to create a fashion that aimed at being more visual than it had never been before. This is why he tries to explore relationships between the body and the garment which covers it, along with the space where the person evolves. From this perspective, it is not surprising that numerous choreographers called approached him for his expertise to dress their dancers. His clothes allowed them to move with great flow, or more like sculptures with momentum. It was a marriage between owning these clothes and the movement that came only so naturally while underlining the silhouette of their body. Miyake guarantees us with the construction of his garments to feel spacious, beautiful, and comfortably chic, quite apt for any occasion. After all, which woman hasn’t envied these women and artists who make elegance look so natural?

pleats on women sculpture pleats


The garment is known to be revolutionary for the use of its material, 100% polyester, but also for its industrial production. You will certainly be interested to learn that Miyake resorted to outstanding materials as some plastic, some paper, cables… which he enjoys wrinkling, creasing and draping at will.

Issey Miyake positions permanently on the border of time, of minimalism and even of science fiction. This is what makes his collections so fascinating. During one of his parades, he left his audience in awe of his special act, where he asks his model to strike poses of karate on the podium.

The success story of this creator is transcribed in details through the publication of a very beautify book, “Pleats Please, by Issey Miyake”. Over time, folds and pleats became symbolic of this Japanese creator. In every new season, the collection, the forms, and the construction barely vary, but it is the colours that change and create the emotion and craze. These pleats have grown to become timeless and perennially fashionable. It can be the reason why Issey Miyake is now a symbol of modernity, a creator who in his own words, “tried to make a fashion which is neither Japanese nor Western”.


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