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StyleTribute x Philippine Poplu

StyleTribute loves design. Not only the design of clothes, but all things design. This is why we are so pleased to announce the next step in our quest to bring you, our admired StyleMakers, the most amazing designs: the launch of our new capsule collection of packaging.

Packaging, you say? Packaging, we say! We have decided to reinvent our packaging and make it a concept as such, putting design at the centre of the focus. And we are incredibly proud to start off with such an amazing illustrator as the talented and gorgeous Philippine Poplu.


Philippine has illustrated for prestigious houses such as Hermès, Chloé, Pierre Frey, Melinda Gloss, Comptoir des Cotonniers, Vicomte A and many others. However, she did not start as an illustrator. “I studied 5 years in an Art College in Paris called Esag Penninghen, and graduated in 2009 with a Graphic Design Degree. As soon as I finished my studies I started working as a freelance photographer and graphic designer for mainly corporate clients. It took me 3 years to focus on what I really wanted to do, work as an illustrator” she tells us when we visit her in her stylish flat in Tiong Bahru.

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From left to right: See by Chloé Prints winter fall 13/14, Pierre Frey Jungle Wallpapers

Wearing her go-to outfit, ” overalls with a simple pair of sneakers!”, for our interview, she oozes French charm and that certain “je ne sais quoi” that every French woman seems to have in her genes. Regarding her personal style, she tells us “As a student, I used to go crazy in vintage shops and look for unusual pieces. Mostly prints! As an illustrator, vintage shops are a great place to find ideas. Considering my age today, I think that StyleTribute is a fantastic way to buy yourself luxury pieces without having to sell your apartment!” Well, we certainly agree on that!

When it came to the idea of collaborating with StyleTribute, she immediately knew she wanted to go for it. “I think [collaborations between artists and fashion are] the best thing that could have happened to the fashion industry! It is great to see how much artists can bring to the fashion industry. These past few years we have seen a lot of collaborations between artists and fashion houses such as Yayoi Kusama & Louis Vuitton, Damien Hirst & Alexander McQueen…, and it is extraordinary to see how much it brings freshness!”

Stéphanie Crespin working in collaboration with Philippine Poplu.

Working with StyleTribute and Stéphanie Crespin, our founder, Philippine loved “the artistic approach that starts at the selection of items to its spirit. StyleTribute is part of the creative image I have of Singapore. When talking to Stéphanie, we both wanted something very joyful, sparkling and sexy at the same time. Considering the coming season, I drew a spring-looking pattern with exotic round leaves . I gave it a twist by the presence of the nail polish that flows on the leaves without any rational explanation. To me the image of nail polish represents femininity at its most. Polishing your nails is having time to yourself. In fact, I think it’s very hard today to be working a lot and try to look your best at the same time. For me, StyleTribute represents a way to take care of yourself. That is what StyleTribute is about, taking care of women who are lacking time, which today is a pure luxury!”

We couldn’t have said it better, Philippine!

Our new capsule collection of packaging StyleTribute x Philippine Poplu


Photography credit : David Goh

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