Sunglasses We Love

Retro aviator style, cat-eye shaped, classic wayfarer, rounded, vintage embellished, mirrored… Which sunglasses are you going to wear this summer? The most important accessory of the summer – a pair of fashionable sunglasses is an absolute requirement to turn your outfit from boring to WOW! Which one to choose? The Classic Persol’s will add the vintage effect to your look, guaranteed to drive the men wild! The cat-eye is ideal for a 50′s diva look. Wear them with a flashy lipstick, curly hair, a red lipstick and a cute flowery dress! The classic wayfarer is ideal for an everyday casual look. Available in a wide range of different colours and designs, they give a touch of freshness and fun to your outfit! Rounded glasses, made popular by John Lennon and his groupies, are now one of the IT accessories to have! Wear them to follow the trend of summer 2014 and add a pinch of hipster to your look! Finally, the vintage embellished sunglasses are the ones to wear when you want to be noticed; perfect for the trendiest and most glamorous occasions from red carpet events to jet set beach parties!