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The StyleTributeSalad

Have you heard the BIG NEWS?

The StyleTributeSalad is finally out! Even more delightful, it only contains 241 calories! If you want to get slim and sexy and abide your new resolution for 2015, this is the way to go! But please don’t panic, we are not talking about yet another boring diet here. No more of the typical detox salads that we’re all quite honestly bored of having.. This salad addresses both women worried about their healthy eating habits and food culture, especially for the vegetarians, but mostly the gourmands as the salad is filling and finger licking indeed.

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We are excited to bring to you a meal that is not only healthy, but refreshing and tasty. Trust us when we say, when having savored our Salad, you will not be hungry no more! Well, maybe for more?

Catch our rendezvous with Chef Tony and nutritionist Ai Ting from SaladStop, who share with us their thoughts with us while making the StyleTributeSalad, and the ingredients that make them so healthy and delish!

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ST: “Tell us a little something about yourselves.”

SS : We’ve been working here for almost 2 years now and apart from analysing the nutritions in our ingredients, we give talks on heathy eating as well. We work with the entire time to create our salads and along with a healthy salad, we want it to be tasty too of course and work on getting the best ingredients to our customers at SaladStop!

ST: What encouraged you to become a nutritionist/ chef?

SS: Obesity is rising today, and not only in Singapore but globally is an issue. Healthy eating for us is to help others stay fit and conscious of their food intake for a better lifestyle. We want to create a tasty salad and keep it natural at the same time to have a good balance between health and a fun lifestyle.

ST: What are your favourite two ingredients in a salad?

SS: For us it would be the silk tuna which is one of our successful toppings. The other would be the falafel, which is a fried chickpeas patty inspired by the Middle Eastern spices. Our other homemade topping, ‘the quinoa pumpkin patty’ is also a great wholemeal ingredient to top off the healthy choices in a salad!

ST:  What are the ingredients you have used for our special StyleTributeSalad?

SS: Keeping in mind that most of StyleTribute fans are very health and fitness conscious, we have made a salad for them with super healthy ingredients and great flavour. We have used :

Romaine Lettuce : More commonly accepted than other salad bases and contributes to heart health and weight loss.


Tofu : excellent source of calcium and very good source of lean protein


Cherry Tomatoes : Cancer protecting properties and improves bone health.

cherry tomatoes

Amaranth Grain : Wholegrain benefitting us with all the vitamins and fibers

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Chia Seeds : Contains omega-3 fatty and fibre which help to promote healthy digestion and increases feeling of fullness that aids in weight management.


Sweet Corn : Whole grain containing high fibre and many essential nutrients that are low in fat. Support eye health too!


Carrot Ginger Dressing : Made from extra virgin olive oil, one of the healthiest oil without cutting on your flavour!


ST: Give our fashionistas one reason why they should try the StyleTributeSalad.

SS: “The citrus and sourness of the dressing is a must try in the salad making it very tasteful and crunchy. ” – says Chef Tony. “It is also very colourful with the ingredients we’ve chosen that makes it look very appealing.”

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So hurry, start queuing at the counter and stay slim and sexy for no one but yourselves!

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