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#UnlockingHerWardrobe: Ally Mukhriz

If you haven’t already read about her through Harpers Bazaar Digital Diary, then it’s through her unconventional Instagram shots that you’ve noticed this sassy new-age Malaysian. 

StyleTribute gets up close and personal with Ally Mukhriz, fashion trendsetter and leader of a 6OK Instagram community, imprinting Malaysia of her sense of style, filter after #nofilter.


ST – Whats the next generation of social media? What will it look like?

The next generation of social media is definitely a more tech savvy one. With new apps and social media platforms being developed and introduced to the market, there’s no reason why the new generations wouldn’t express themselves through these channels. Seeing my younger siblings use social media is already vastly different to the way I use it. They’re more creative, more fun and -don’t know if this is good or bad- more open.

ST – You have so many fans on Instagram, what would you like them to perceive from your profile?

I want them to know that I am relateable and still a normal person with feelings. Hello! I read ALL your comments!

ST – Name your favorite Instagram filter.

Definitely Aden but I often edit my photos with VSCO.cam

ST – What was the craziest comment you have seen on one of your posts?

Definitely when a woman attacked me for wearing ’western’ clothing when I was just wearing jeans and a white top… 

ST – The people you would say are “must follows”?

@zacposen for his amazing dresses,

@nicolerichie, she’s just amazing in every way,

and @yunamusic – because her feed is just incredible!.

 “I am definitely a blue jeans

and white top kind of girl.”


ST – Your biggest dream?

You wouldn’t know this about me…but I love to cook! I’m not very good but one day I’d love to go to cooking school and open up a restaurant.

ST – Which millennial celebrity do you think is the most stylish?


She’s so fun and you can often find her dressed down or completely over the top. She has no boundaries and it’s amazing. She’s also started a fashion line called Daya by Zendaya!

ST – What is your go-to outfit when you just don’t know what to wear?

I am definitely a blue jeans and white top kind of girl. You can never go wrong with a chilled out look.

ST – Favorite fashion decade?

I loooveeee the 70s. The over-the-top sequins and colors! Not to mention flares flares flares!

ST – What are the favorite fashion pieces you own, what is the story behind them?

A lot of my clothes are my mum’s. They’re vintage and there is always a story behind all of them. Jewelry, to me, holds the most sentimental value because I rarely take them off and they’re always either given from my boyfriend or my parents.

ST – We know this is a hard one ;-), but if you were to choose your favorite StyleTribute pieces, which ones would they be?

There was a beautiful vintage looking silk Miu Miu dress that I loved! The bags are all to die for, with Celine and Hermes being my favorites.

ST – Sustainable fashion is…

Definitely buying clothes as an investment rather than just following the trends of the season. It’s such a waste to buy clothes and keep them in your closet. Or…you could always sell it on Style Tribute! (laughs)


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