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#unlockingherwardrobe: Kim Raymond

Kim wears
Kim wears a dress by 3.1 Phillip Lim (shop it HERE), paired with ankle boots by Dior (shop them HERE) and a classic Chanel Flap Bag (shop it HERE)

A familiar face in the fashion circuit, you’ll often spot Kim Raymond in the pages of magazines and attending social events as a VIP guest. After all, the fashion enthusiast, stylist (especially for her actor-cum-model husband, Keith Foo) and entrepreneur is known for her signature edgy-cool outfits, which she loves sharing on her Instagram feed at @kimchiraymond – earning her numerous double taps and followers (71.4k to date). And when she’s not dressed in designer or sporting her off-duty outfits, she’s spending time by the beach with friends and family. Here, we keep up with Kim’s love for fashion and enviable lifestyle.

ST: What’s your take on fashion? 
Kim Raymond: I believe it’s not just about wearing designer brands. It’s about expressing yourself through your individual sense of style – how you put different pieces together to tell a story about your personality.

ST: Congratulations on your marriage late last year! What have you discovered thus far?
KR: Thank you! I’ve learnt that marriage is not all peaches and cream. [Laughs] It actually takes a lot of effort, love and respect to keep things together and to keep each other happy.

ST: Tell us, who’s your favourite fashion designer at the moment?
KR: It has always been and will always be Karl Lagerfeld, who heads the creative direction for my fave brand, Chanel. I can’t get enough of his amazing designs for the French fashion house – they’re all my kryptonite!

ST: What’s currently #trending on your radar?
KR: Androgynous clothing. Menswear-inspired tailoring and styles that are borrowed-from-the-boys have really penetrated the womenswear market – just look at how many ‘boyfriend’ items there are right now: boyfriend jeans, the oversized crisp white shirt, smart brogue shoes and big, masculine timepieces.


Kim wears
Kim wears a gorgeous embroidered dress by Stella McCartney (shop it HERE) paired with Dior’s New Lock Pouch Bag (shop it HERE)

ST: The dress code says: suit up! What do you wear?
KR: I’m really into the sporty luxe look at the moment. So something that’s tailored yet still comfortable enough for me to move around and socialise. A dark palette is fail-proof too!

ST: Which Style Tribute piece stole your heart?
KR: The Vivienne Westwood sequinned dress. I’ll admit that it isn’t really my style to begin with, but as soon as I put it on, it made me feel like a million bucks!

ST: Sustainable fashion – what do you think?  
KR: I think it’s really interesting that people are now making fashion sustainable. To be honest, I never really thought about it before it started, but now that it’s grown significantly, especially with designer labels in marketplaces, I really see its potential and totally support it 100 per cent.

ST: What’s your most prized vintage piece?
KR: My 30 year-old Chanel handbag. Not just because it’s Chanel, but also because it was passed down to me by my mother. It really is about the sentimental value of the bag that makes me cherish it to death.

ST: What’s the best styling tip in your books?
KR: For someone who loves accessorising, I always remember this classic advice from Coco Chanel: “When accessorising, always take off the last thing you put on.”

ST: Finish this sentence: the one trend I would never wear is… 
KR: Bell bottom pants!


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