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#UnlockingHerWardrobe: Lexie Rodriguez


If you love checking out fashion blogs for inspiration, chances are you’ve come across STYLEX, which is the brainchild of Lexie Rodriguez. A combination of the words ‘style’ and ‘Lex’, her passion for fashion has pushed her to share her personal #ootd stills and motions as well as tips and cheat sheets on her blog, thus acting as a survival guide for the super-stylish woman. And her edgy-chic style is apparent both in social media and in person, so of course we didn’t give up the chance to unlock this stylista’s wardrobe!

Style Tribute: What does having your own website/company mean to you?
Lexie Rodriguez: A lot of hard work! You’d think that having your own company means you can work whenever you like, but in reality it actually means every waking hour until you’re asleep. But it’s great because I’ve reached a stage in life where I know what I love and believe in. Most importantly, I know what I’m passionate about and it’s an absolute blessing to be able to do that every day.

ST: When you style someone, what is your focus?
LR: Comfort! I strongly believe that you cannot look good if you don’t feel good. Your outfit is really an extension of your personality and so getting to know someone, their personal interests, their likes, their dislikes, their daily lifestyle, and what they’re comfortable in, all play a really important part when building someone’s personal style.

Lexie is holding a Classic City Leather Balenziaga tote (shop it HERE ).

ST: Your favorite designers or fashion labels at the moment are…
LR: Well, for the summer, I’ve fallen in love with a great resort wear brand called Shahida Parides and another brand called Miss June Paris. They have such playful and fun pieces that’re perfect for looking chic on your summer holidays! I also really love an Australian designer I recently discovered called Toni Maticevski.

ST: What’s the best trend on your radar right now?
LR: The off-shoulder! It’s just so flattering for all body types and I’ve always thought that showing off a woman’s clavicle is far sexier than legs and chest!

ST: Who are your top designer picks for making the best power suit?
LR: You just can’t beat a suit by YSL! The fit and tailoring is of another level. But for more fun, edgier looks I love Helmut Lang, especially for jackets and pants/skirts.

ST: Spotted any Style Tribute items that’re going into your wish list?
LR: Yes! I currently have a Balmain piece in my account’s wish list. And really, there are a lot more I would love to own, but I’d probably pick one more piece each from Chanel, Hermès and Helmut Lang.

ST: What are your two cents on sustainable fashion?
LR: I still think there isn’t enough awareness on the carbon footprint we leave when it comes to fashion. Many large clothing chains can produce up to half a billion garments a year where about 14 million tons of textiles are then loaded off at landfills, making approximately 5 – 7 percent of total municipal solid waste generation in the US, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. And this is just the US, not all countries release their statistics, but we know this is happening on a global scale. What I do think is a one of the most sustainable things every person can do in fashion is to buy or sell pre-loved. This is why I love Style Tribute!

ST: Tell us about your favourite vintage pieces.
LR: I have a few pieces from my grandmother. She gives them to me when she thinks I’ve reached a stage where I’ll really appreciate them… either that or it just means on birthdays or Christmas. she doesn’t need to buy me anything. I’d like to think it’s the first reason though! [Laughs] But in particular, I have a vintage large pillbox style Chanel bag, which I will never part with and a 1950s Rolex. The face is so small; I would actually need a magnifying glass to read the time! But it is incredibly beautiful.

_DSC5245 - copie

ST: Styling tips you swear by? We’re sure you have plenty!
LR: Styling tips can go on forever: vertical stripes make you look taller, high-waisted pants make your legs appear longer, while getting the right cut for your body shape is really vital. There are heaps more; but I think the most important thing about styling is finding your personal style and not to be afraid of doing that.
Fashion for me is like a secret superpower every woman uses as their armour to take on the world. It should make you feel confident, empowered, and absolutely amazing. So completely disregarding trends or brands, if you put something on that makes you feel like that, wear it! Especially now, there are no rules anymore in fashion – there is no right or wrong, as long as you are yourself on purpose. For some it’s the cut of the dress that makes them feel good, for others it’s the material. Take the time to experiment and play with clothes and find out what works for you. At the end of the day, no one else is wearing the clothes but you and only you know how they make you feel.

ST: The one trend you’d never be caught wearing is…
LR: A pair of Crocs! But wait, is that even a trend? [Laughs]

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