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#unlockingherwardrobe: Sarah Lian

Sarah wears a gorgeous dress by Chloé, available at StyleTribute (shop it HERE)

True to her Instagram profile description, Sarah Lian is no one-trick pony – and no stranger in the entertainment industry either as the Actress, Emcee and TV personality also runs her very own talent management agency, which goes by the name Suppagood Talent. Born in Taiping, Perak and raised in Vancouver, Canada (where she completed her Fashion Communications degree), her fame boomed locally after she returned to Malaysia in 2008 and started working in front of the camera, hosting several TV shows and reality programmes. A year later, she was named FHM Malaysia’s No. 1 Most Wanted Woman – a key event that led to her meteoric rise as a household name.

Today, Sarah’s presence has permeated many platforms, from film and TV to radio and new media, while gracing numerous glossies and hosting the hottest parties, concerts and major events in town. With a job that requires her to look good 24/7, we find out what this superwoman’s style staples and sentiments are.


Sarah wears a yellow dress from Marni (shop it HERE) and a print shirt from D&G (shop it HERE)

Style Tribute: How do you define fashion?
Sarah Lian: To me, fashion is more than just about trends or what the latest styles are each season. Fashion is a mood; it’s an expression of a time, whether in the past, present or future. I think it’s such a great outlet that enables us to showcase who we truly are and what we’d like to share with the world, from the way we dress to the way we behave in public.

ST: What does multiculturalism mean to you?
SL: Being able to explore everything around you that’s otherwise foreign. It refers to the intersection where an ethnically-diverse group of people meet in a particular place or during a particular time, and learn from each other.

ST: Is it true that durians played a part in your move back to Malaysia?
SL: Yes, I cannot live without food and durian is literally my life! I absolutely love our local delicacies and Malaysia’s exotic fruits. There are so many sumptuous cuisines and unique culinary choices that you can only find here. It’s something I’d never take for granted, ever!

ST: Complete this sentence: working out is…
SL: …so important to me! Keeping fit and looking great are all part of having a healthy outlook on life. It’s an awesome way to look and feel younger. Most importantly, it makes me happy!

ST: Your fail-proof power suit staple comprises…
SL: A camisole and pencil skirt combo with a pair of killer pumps – works every time and for every occasion too!

ST: Spotted any favourites from Style Tribute?
SL: There are two standout pieces that I instantly fell in love with: the first one being a red marble minaudière envelope clutch by Edie Parker and the second is a stellar pair of Stella McCartney pumps in a dazzling golden hue.

ST: What are your thoughts on sustainable fashion?
SL: Well, I really hope that it’s gaining momentum at the moment. There is so much history in clothing that it should definitely be recycled and revisited more often.

ST: Tell us about your best vintage piece you’ve purchased.
SL: It’s a beautiful, faux-fur coat which I bought at a vintage store many years ago. I wish I could wear it out more often but no thanks to the scorching heat of this weather, it’s pretty impossible.

ST: What’s the best fashion advice you’ve ever received?
SL: A little black dress will never go out of style. All hail Coco Chanel for her brilliant LBD idea!

ST: Lastly, which trend would you never be caught dead in?
SL: Floral-printed shapeless frocks. I believe clothes with beautiful silhouettes serve a better function as it celebrates a woman’s curves.

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