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#UnlockingHerWardrobe: Serena Choong


If you grew up listening to Malaysia’s local radio stations, chances are you’ve heard a sultry and deep, husky-voiced female DJ talking to you at least once. Her name? Serena Choong. Better known as Serena C, we consider this vivacious voice veteran a serial multi-tasker as she juggles her hectic freelance-hosting career and being a mum to her adorable daughter. The emcee, radio & TV host and voice-over talent also runs a kids clothing line called CC Fun Factory, where she curates super-cute custom-made onesies for the little ones. We catch up with this bubbly personality on clothes, the creative industry and family.

Style Tribute: What does creativity mean to you?
Serena C: In fashion, creativity to me means having fun while putting together something entirely yours that you can carry off with confidence. It starts in the morning when you stare at your wardrobe and pick out what to wear for the day.

ST: How do you feel about leaving your previous radio/TV station to freelance full-time?
SC: It’s like leaving my comfort zone and going into unchartered waters without the backing of a major company and a team of people, aka my security network. It was scary and liberating at the same time. But I’m fortunate enough to have many clients who have known me through the years and trusted me as their emcee year after year. With that, came new ones who have heard of my capabilities and thus put their trust in me. Happy to report – this emcee is now working more than ever!

ST: What drives you?
SC: My daughter. She’s my everything and every reason to work harder to make sure she has a beautiful future ahead of her.


ST: How would you describe French fashion?
SC: Understated and definitely NOT brand-conscious or showy. No matter what French women wear, though they definitely could be wearing high-end, they sure know how to own the look and are not simply defined by labels. There’s something that’s just so effortless with the way they dress, even if they’re wearing basics!

ST: What is your go-to ensemble to look polished?
SC: Statement-making heels, a crisp button-down shirt and a pair of well-tailored pants – all in white please! I think an all-white outfit looks extremely sleek and clean while saying a lot about a woman’s confidence.

ST: Which is your fave Style Tribute pick?
SC: There’s this really cute round Carven bag in black leather that I shot with. It’s so chic and versatile, I think even my daughter could pull it off! (Shop it HERE)

ST: What about vintage items?
SC: To complete the polished all-white ensemble, I think the white quilted mini bucket bag from Chanel is just perfect! Plus, the style is so on-trend right now. (Shop it HERE)

ST: What does sustainable fashion look like?
SC: The epitome would be Emma Watson’s black-and-white off-shoulder outfit she wore to the MET Gala this year. Not only has she worked with designers like Calvin Klein to create a piece that can be worn multiple ways (from casual to glam), the material used was also recycled from plastic bottles. Genius!

ST: Your number one no-no when it comes to dressing up?
SC: Never follow trends and never copy someone else’s style either. Experiment till you find your own personal style and own it, always! #Youdoyou


ST: What’s the one thing that you absolutely wouldn’t wear?
SC: I’d never wear real fur.

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