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Sheena Liam knows how to pull off the athleisure trend with her gorgeous monochrome Karl Lagerfeld bomber jacket (shop it HERE), her All Dressed Up hooded jumpsuit (shop it HERE), and her Dolce & Gabbana animal print sneakers (shop it HERE).

Though she’s been modelling for some time prior, it wasn’t till this leggy beauty nabbed the winning title of Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 2 that her fame sky-rocketed in the fashion industry. Since then, she’s been busier than ever – jet-setting between London and New York as she books bigger print and runway gigs and international projects, some of which include being the cover-girl for several magazines, editorial spreads, ad campaigns and walking for London Fashion Week. As she makes a pit-stop back home in Malaysia, we squeeze in a quick chat with the Sungai Long lass, who have now traded her famous blonde mane for brunette locks.

Style Tribute: In your opinion, fashion is…
Sheena Liam: Another creative outlet to express myself. I usually try to have fun along the way and not take it all too seriously, which is how it should be.

ST: Do you see yourself modelling for long?
SL: Well, it’s really unpredictable. As you know models have ‘expiry dates’, but as long as I’m still getting booked for jobs then I’m going to keep pursuing this path.

ST: How would you sum up your experience with Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 2?
SL: Life-changing. It really helped me launch into the next level. People started noticing me and taking me seriously too, as serious as I took myself. So that was nice for a change. I finally got the spotlight I’ve been working hard for.


ST: What’s next for you?
SL: Honestly, I don’t know yet, I really don’t. But as uncertain as it sounds, I’m 100% sure it’s going to be something fun. Fingers crossed!

ST: What’s the one go-to piece that’s part of your power suit staple?
SL: Killer pants! There’s something about a woman in a good pair of pants that just screams ‘don’t mess!’ to me. It’s sleek, sharp and powerful.

ST: Your top StyleTribute picks are?
SL: The Céline Nano Luggage Tote – I like how despite it being multi-coloured, it’s kind of muted at the same time (shop it HERE) . Love the suede side panels too. Another fave is the gold chain choker from Givenchy, which looks both badass and glam (shop it HERE).

ST: What’s your two cents on sustainable fashion?
SL: The crux of it all is, I never do retail. I think there’s something beautiful in finding something truly unique in a thrift store or online because it’s not mass-produced and you won’t see everyone on the street wearing the same piece as you.

ST: Which vintage item in your wardrobe do you wear to death?
SL: My oversized denim jacket from L Train Vintage. On days off I prefer to be as slouchy as can be. So this piece definitely fits the theme. I’d wear it all day, every day if I could.

ST: When dressing up, what’s your no. 1 rule?
SL: Comfort should always come first. I always practise leaving the house in comfortable clothes. That way, I never regret what I wear out.

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ST: One trend that you’ll go nowhere near is…
SL: Fake eyelashes. I loathe them so much I wish I could go back in time and make sure they were never invented.

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