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#UnlockingHerWardrobe: Yasmin Hani

yasmin hani
Yasmin Hani is wearing a gorgeous Mary Katrantzou Silk Print Tunic (shop it HERE), Gianvito Rossi Black Mules (shop it HERE ), and a Givenchy Black Leather Jacket (shop it HERE)

If you’re an avid fan of local films and TV dramas, you’ve probably seen this Malay-British hybrid on both the big and small screens. Yasmin Hani Ismail Richardson is a TV presenter and actress who started out as a radio jockey for Era.FM before hosting several entertainment programmes and reality shows. The pretty face has also appeared countless times in magazines, including FHM as she’s considered one of the hottest Malaysian celebs – and we couldn’t agree more. Fast forward years later, she’s now added a few more movies and series under her belt, along with a happy family to boot as she plays stylish mama to her handsome toddler. Here, we quiz her on her current fashion outlook.

Style Tribute: What does acting mean to you?
Yasmin Hani: I can buy milk for my son, Noah. [Laughs] Just kidding! It’s a platform for me to express myself in so many ways through various fictional roles and situations. I get the pleasure of playing someone else at its best or worst.

ST: How has having kids changed the way you dress?
YH: To be frank, it hasn’t changed that much. I still have the same style, except that I might be a little more reserved now as my clothes are not as sexy anymore (for obvious reasons).

ST: What do you consider a Malaysian style?
YH: It’ll always be something classic. No matter how modern Malaysian designers make their clothes and collections, there never fails to be a sophisticated and classy touch somewhere in there. Often times, it could be reflected in the concept, silhouettes or simply the general look and feel.

ST: When it comes to power dressing, which item(s) do you go for in your wardrobe?
YH: It really varies, depending on my mood and also where I’m headed to. Sometimes it can be my Prada handbag, other days I’ll whip out my one-of-a-kind outfits from Kyla Ruiz or The Extra Piece. I always go with my gut feeling too!

ST: Your most reliable article of clothing is…
YH: My denim jeans of course! I also can’t live without my basics, which are essentially my plain tees in black and white.

ST: Which Style Tribute pieces are currently in your wish list?
YH: I have quite a number in my mental wish list, but right at the top of my head are the Chanel flap bag, YSL Bier Mini Bag and Prada limited edition tote. Major love!

ST: How do you view sustainable fashion today?
YH: I think it’s great that everything is going eco-friendly now. I mean, it’s really important that no matter what we do in this world, even in the fashion industry, it’s good that we feel this sense of responsibility towards Mother Nature. It’s a highly positive thing.

ST: What’s your best vintage possession?
YH: It’s a top given to me from my mum when she was really young. I think it’s about 40 years old now! And the best part is that it’s so versatile and wearable even till today. I can wear it during Raya, to a party and practically for any occasion – it’s evergreen!


ST: What are the top 3 style lessons you’ve picked up?
YH: 1) Never wear makeup that’s too thick and avoid over-shading or contouring.
2) Know your body type and how to accentuate it the right way.
3) Confidence is always key!

ST: The few trends that’ll never make it to your closet are…
YH: Anything gothic-looking, carrot-cut and low-waist jeans, as well as butt cheek-baring shorts!

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