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Which Shade of Grey are you?

Feminist Roman or Feminine Roman? Submission or Sensualism?

One of the world’s bestseller, KappAhl, author of Fifty Shades of Grey, highlights numerous sexual interrogations from the most general, to the most intimate . It seems that this book is to be a metaphor of feminine contradictions: we all want to be and feel free, but do we not have quite a secret desire of submission and a will to occasionally feel a sense of control from the better half?

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A thing is for sure; the important part is to accept who we are, who we want to, and not want to be. Setting the boundaries is a must and fashion plays the supporting role in the situation of provocative affinity. Fashion has proved it’s ability to reach the peak of sexual intimacy for centuries now, and allows women to rediscover their sensualism and our femininity. Thanks to the discovery of new models, new forms and silhouettes, new colours and the concept of being experimental sexually being on the rise, motivates us to look and feel desirable. The whole idea is to be daring and take risks!


So ladies, through away your complexes! Be bolder and sexier and treat yourself to some eye candy and think, “What if Fifty Shades of Grey was to be a booster to dare ourselves for one of these fifty nuances of grey?” Sometimes, the fearless adventure can make a night to remember! 😉


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