Balenciaga Bag Authentication

How To Spot A Fake Balenciaga Bag?

Everyone loves Balenciagas and its statements clutches, handbags, city totes and spacious weekenders! Coming in a wide range of different colours and dimensions, a Balenciaga bag is a wardrobe MUST HAVE today, and I’m going to explain just how to differentiate between an authentic Balenciaga bag, and a fake one!

Split into two parts, the following videos will help you recognise your favourite City Bag through 8 key indicators much better than your friends. So no more peer pressure, and a sure way to make you stand out!


Tip 1: The Design

Was this design ever made by Balenciaga?

Check the Balenciaga website or check the catalogue with all their collections. Do make sure that the bag you’re looking for was ever made by the Maison Balenciaga.

LaBelleMel-Rosy-BW-Mixed-Prints-Neutrals-4 balenciaga-grey-giant-city-bag-product-5-2635522-907011480_large_flex

You can check: the different parts of the bag? Should it have studs at the bottom of the bag? What does the base look like?  Should it have a d-ring inside?  Where?  What is it “supposed” to be lined in?  Does it have a date code? Should it have one? Where?

Tip 2: The Leather

One of the reasons Balenciaga handbags are so popular is because they are made from the softest, thinnest, and most lightweight types of leather.

Once you touch an authentic Balenciaga handbag, you really can feel it! Authentic Balenciagas are made from a very distressed looking type of leather. Each bag has a unique appearance with it owns lines, wrinkles, folds and smooth spots all over. No two Balenciaga bags can look identical, unlike the fake one that are ofent made from cheap leather, with a a shiny and stiff appearance. The leather on the fake bags looks more “cracked” than distressed, and usually look the same all over the bag.

hardware 3

Tip 3: The Tassels

The tassels that are connected to all of the zippers should be soft, hang loosely, and feel like velvet in your hands. Unlike the tassels on fake bags that are stiff and hard, and do not hang loosely.

tassels tassels

Tip 4: The Hardware

The hardware on an authentic bag is either brass or “dirty” silver unlike on the fake one where it appears too silver and shiny. Also, On an authentic bag the hardware is rounder and wider, while the hardware on the fake bag is much more narrow and longer. Also, the studs on an authentic bag is 3-dimensional unlicke the studs on fake bags that have usually a very flat appearance.

Another thing to look at are the small rings on the zippers where the tassels are tied. They should be perfectly sealed so there are no gaps or spaces unlike most of the fake bags that have ofltently small gaps.

hardware 2 hardware 1

Tip 5: The Straps

On authentic Balenciaga bags, the shoulder strap should be one solid piece unlike on most of fake ones where it come with a double layer of leather folded over the hardware. Also, the detachable shoulder strap is usually connected to the bag and anyway never come wrapped in plastic or bubble wrap.

straps 1 hardware

Tip 6: The Zippers

Authentic Balenciaga bags are made only with one type of Lampo zippers. However, Lampo produces two different types of zippers:

1) One type with Lampo written in italics and with a line underneath which extends from the bottom of the “L” and the TM symbol in the upper right corner. This is the Lampo zipper used for authentic Balenciaga bags (Bottom Left).

2) The other type with Lampo written in capital letters. This is NOT the type of Lampo zippers that Balenciaga bags use typically, and is found usually in fakes (Bottom Right).

However, please be aware, that there are many fake bags with authentic Lampo zippers too.

lampo 1  Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 1.43.43 pm

Tip 7: The Handles

Authentic Balenciaga bags have handles that are weaved, or braided with another type of leather called “sueded leather”. This sueded leather has a raw appearance and looks more like rope or a shoelace.

On most of the replicas this fake sueded leather looks like it has a protective coating over it.

handles faek handle 2

Tip 8: The Tags

Authentic: The Classique (small), the City Classique (medium) and the Voyage (weekender) should all have a leather tag with a silver plate on the front of the bag.

The Authentic Office Bag (large) and Boston Twiggy should have just the leather tags with no silver plate (some older Twiggy bags had silver plates, but this changed in 2004).

Some sets of numbers should be the SAME on every bag of the same style. The only number that is different is the first number on the top of the silver plate (the one that starts with “No.”). The other one on the bottom of the silver plate should be the same as the first set of numbers found on the back of the leather tag.

Here are some examples of Balenciaga model numbers:

  • The Classique (small): 103208
  • City Classique (medium): 115748
  • The Voyage (weekender): is 110506
  • Twiggy bag: 128523
  • The Office Bag:132110

Many fake bags have mixed and matched the numbers from the front to the back, plus a lot don’t even correspond to the authentic model numbers!

Also, on authentic tags, the numbers and “Made In Italy” are always perfectly centred, unlike on many fakes where the tags are printed in a very unperfected way.


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