How to spot a fake Céline Trapèze Bag ?

We all love Céline bags, but it is difficult to to know how to differentiate between the fake and the original. Céline Trapèze bag reached the level of Hit Bag. Catch our Fashion Director at StyleTribute, Camilla Testori, who mentions  simple tips on how to make your pick with utmost confidence and perfection!

  1. The Design

 Was this design ever made by Celine? Luggage tote, smiley bag, trapeze, phantom, etc. All these shapes are very famous and easily checkable on the website.

  1. The size

Authentic Celine Phantom bags come in two sizes and due to the fact that they are made in Italy, the measurements are in centimeters. The small Phantom is 35x30x24cm and the large Phantom is 35x24x31cm.

  1. The Leathers and Suede Leather

Authentic Celine bags can be made of smooth leather and purses made of suede leather. The leather used for Celine bags is softer than the leather used for Celine Luggage bags.

Picture1             Picture2


Picture3    Picture4

  1. The front pocket

Unlike the Celine Luggage, the front pocket of the Phantom fits an iPhone. The zipper pull should have a pretty long braided leather tassel.

  1. The bottom of the bag

Authentic Celine bags don’t have any stitch/line across the bottom; only fake Celine bags have it.

Picture1 Picture2


  1. The handles

The size of the handles is 4.5-5 inches so they are too small to allow you to carry your bag on your shoulder, unless you have tiny arms.

  1. The Heat Stamping

On the luggage tote and mini luggage tote, the heat stamping should represent Celine with an accent aigue: “Céline”  and “Paris” under it. The interior label will have “Celine Paris” on the left side of the tag and “made in italy” all in capital on the right side.

  1. The serial number

In each Celine bag there is a leather serial number tag. The embossed Numbers and letters are not unique and can be repeated. It should always follow the format:


1 letter, 2 letters, 4 numbers

  1. The zipper

Unlike many other fashion houses, Celine uses plain and unmarked zippers. Maybe only the size of the zipper can be written inside it very small.


  1. The lining

 Celine always uses very high quality living.  Classic luggage tote will have the internal lining matching the leather outside. Authentic Celine bags made of smooth leather should have the interior made of suede leather. Celine bags with pastel colors have suede lining too, but the shade can be a bit different. Same goes for Celine bags with a different color on the trimmings, the inside color should be the same as the outside color.

The authentic Celine Phantom bag has only one inside zipped pocket and it should be imprinted with “made in Italy”.


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