Christian Louboutin Authentication

Is That An Original Louboutin?

Every girl has asked this question once before completing her dream shoe wardrobe with the glamorous sparkly Louboutins, but how many are actually fluent in knowing the difference between a fake and original?

Watch this video by Camilla Testori, Fashion Director at StyleTribute who gives you 5 main tips on exactly how you can spot a fake from an original Christian Louboutin Shoe.

Get prepped ladies, as you’re only 3 mins away from owning your red bottoms like never before!

1) The shape and the design

Check the general design and shape of the shoe. An authentic Louboutin is like a piece of art and it will be crafted in a perfect way. A lot of replicas are dis-proportioned and looking clunky and bulky.

The replicas could have:

  • Large toe boxes,
  • High vamp,
  • Wide shoe bodies inelegant heels

This is not common for Christian Louboutin’s design!

Also, the quality of the shoe is a dead giveaway. On an authentic Louboutin, studs, glitter, sequins, etc. should be perfect!

2) The Heels

Check the measurement of the heel and make sure it corresponds to the authentic one via Louboutin’s website. A lot of replicas may differ in height.

Check the drop of the heel: Authentic ones it should be perfectly sided and drop nicely and vertically, unlike the fake ones that often drop in a funny and strange way.

3) The Red Sole

A true Christian Louboutin sole is made of leather painted in a vibrant bright glossy red. Many fakes have resin bottom not so glossy. An authentic Christian Louboutin will clearly have “Christian Louboutin,” “Made in Italy,” and the European size located on it. Many fake shoes will have the word “MadeInItaly” as one word with no spaces.

Also, the loop on the “L” located on an authentic Christian Louboutin shoe will appear almost touching the rest of the “L.” In the replica the “L” will not touch and there is a notable space in-between.

4) The Accessories

Authentic Christian Louboutin shoes should come into a box with 2 dust bags or 1 big one. Also, heel taps will come in a mini dust bag, a lot of fake ones come in little plastic bags. Finally, authentic Louboutin shoes don’t come with any authenticity cards or booklets.

5) The box

The authentic Louboutin shoebox is beautifully crafted in a beige hard cardboard and is perfectly flat unlike the fake one that is oftenly made from a cheap quality material that wrinkles very fast. ‘Christian Louboutin’ logo should be written on the cover in white lettering.

Pay attention to the word “PARIS”: It should be located near the edge of right side of the box. It should not be underneath the ‘Christian Louboutin’ logo like on a lot of replica boxes.

Finally, the box should feature a white sticker that clearly state the European size, name of the shoe, and the SKU code, all printed in black .

6) The Dust Bag

An authentic dust bag should be made from a bright red coloured cotton fabric with the ‘Christian Louboutin’ logo noticeably written straight across the bag.

Fake dust bags are often made on a sun faded or pink tone. In addition, the fake dust bags usually have the ‘Christian Louboutin’ logo that is written diagonally.

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