Prada Heels Authentication

How To Spot A Fake Prada Shoe?

From young girls to working women, contemporary or classics, we all love Prada shoes and all fashionistas are bound to own at least one pair! With the high demand of Prada heels, counterfeits are also being equally mass produced making it difficult for us to know how to differentiate between the fake and the original. Catch our Fashion Director at StyleTribute, Camilla Testori, who mentions 6 simple tips on how to make your pick with utmost confidence and perfection!

Tip 1: The Design ; Was the design ever made by Prada? 

Check out the Prada website and make sure that the shoe you are looking for was ever made by Prada.  Pay attention and check thoroughly the quality of the material, the colour tone and the heels dimensions.

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Tip 2: The Insole Logo

Authentic Prada insoles should feature the ‘PRADA’ logo and “Milano” written in black capital letters printed on a white small fabric tag. Check the size, font and placement of the logo carefully. However, some styles may vary, for example, on these pair you will only find Prada written and hot stamped in gold.

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Step 3: Sole Logo

The soles of authentic Prada heels should feature:

– Made in Italy and the shoe size engraved on it

– The ‘PRADA’ logo badge shaped like a ‘T’ in gold applied on it.

– However, please notice that some styles of shoes could have different sole logos. For example, some could include ‘Vero Cuoio’, meaning ‘real leather’, and others may not

– The gold logo badge.

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Tip 4 : The Shoe Box

Prada heeled shoes are packaged in a strong old rose pink shoe box that feature:


– Milano

– Dal 1913

– And the rope design all written in gold capital letters embossed on the box. On the side, there should be the shoe details like: the model number, the colour, the material, and the size of the product. However, be careful, as other colours and styles have been used by Prada. For example, here we have the black with silver shoe box type. This however depends on the collections.

Just a tip: Check if these details match those on the shoe.

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 3.41.28 pm Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 3.41.36 pm

Tip 5 : The Care Card

All authentic Prada heels are accompanied by a care card. It should have the “Prada” logo embossed in gold on the front and the inside should have shoe care instructions in multiple languages beginning with the Italian one.


Tip 6: The Dust Bag

Authentic Prada heels are always accompanied by a branded dust bag.

– For the light pink boxes, the dust bag is made of a soft and bright high quality silk with a small ‘PRADA’ tag stitched on it.

– For the black shoe boxes the dust bag is made in a very soft white cotton fabric with the Prada logo, Milano, Dal 1913 and the rope all stamped in black on it. There are some variations to style and colour but the quality of the materials, the drawstrings and the finishes are always high!

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